Religion in Rio’s Favelas

Clique aqui para Português Reporting by: Glenda Fernandes, Saulo Araújo, Hosana Souza, Josilaine Costa, Samuel Lima, Henrique Ribeiro and Amanda Souza. One of the healthiest aspects of Brazil’s young democracy is its widespread religious freedom, […]

by Community Contributors

A Man Turned Juice

Clique aqui para Português A portrait of Valnei Succo by Samuel Lima, both of whom are participants in the RioOnWatch project being trained in CatComm‘s community journalism course. A Graffiti artist and MC in pursuit of […]

Civil Society

Verdejar: Alemão’s Fountain of Love

Member of the Urban Agriculture, Agroecology, and Economic Solidarity Movements, Luiz Poeta exudes love, peacefulness, and wisdom through his social activism. We visited him on a sunny afternoon at the center of his own organization, […]