The UPPs in Needy Communities

Policial da UPP observa o Morro dos Cabritos

Rio de Janeiro’s poor communities are experiencing a social transformation that, in my view, appears to be good if accompanied by other socioeconomic initiatives. Well, it’s not enough to fight violence and organized crime using the UPPs (Pacifying Police Units) if you don’t also fight the inequality and social discrimination that exists in the working class that much of the time is composed of blacks and mestizos. I believe that, in order to have more effective results, the government has to implement social work, for example: daycare centers and schools, vocational schools, job opportunities, health centers, basic sanitation, sports, leisure, and everything else that is necessary for the citizen to have a socially dignified life.

Thus, the government will be creating a nurturing environment for people to be able to support themselves by working, studying and growing socially and not remaining dependent on the addictive assistance that many times leaves them unoccupied and complacent, living monthly off government allowance grants and other subsidies.

There is a Chinese proverb that says:
“Before giving a man food, give him a fishing pole and teach him to fish.”

I know that the social problem is very complex because it deals with people with knowledge and different interests but this is my opinion of the subject.