With the aim of addressing racism from the inside out, with a focus on favela voices, and community journalism as the means to provoke the urgent dialogue we need, RioOnWatch launched the series “Rooting Anti-Racism in the Favelas: Deconstructing Social Narratives About Racism in Rio de Janeiro.”


Our goal is to lay out the debate about racism and race in Rio de Janeiro, in order to offer a detailed, multidimensional and intersectional view of how structural racism works in the city, from the personal to the systemic and analytical, with the goal of transforming society. What is not named is not recognized and thus not combated. Racism in Brazil is in the structures of society, including in silence and in euphemisms in news coverage about social inequality.


Over the course of 2021, RioOnWatch is publishing weekly illustrated articles, videos, and podcasts, primarily by Afro-Brazilians or favela residents. The anti-racist action has three axes: memory, present day, and future—which relate to the concept of Sankofa: San (to return), Ko (to go), Fa (to seek, to get).

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