Living with Nature in Morro da Formiga: An Interview with Amadeu Palmares da Silveira [VIDEO]

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October 31, 2015 is the second annual United Nations’ World Cities Day, a day intended to promote interest in sustainable urban living around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Designed to Live Together.’ Rio de Janeiro’s favelas possess many characteristics of low-rise/high-density urban planning which experts believe foster social and environmental benefits. The shortage of government investment in favelas has led many communities to design and build their own infrastructure for sewage, water, and electricity. Morro da Formiga is an excellent example. Residents of Morro da Formiga live with nature and sustainability in mind, with cooperatively-managed water infrastructure, community gardens, horticulture lessons, and beekeeping. Amadeu Palmares da Silveira is a resident, professional gardener, and water society member, and in his free time teaches horticulture in the community. On September 9 RioOnWatch accompanied Amadeu on a tour of his neighborhood where he spoke about the community’s connection with the environment: