Don’t Let the Funk Die in Maré

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Although many cultural events are happening in Maré, not all have continued. The pacification force added new rules for larger events and organizers must sign a responsibility waiver.

The cultural routine hasn’t returned to normal anywhere in Maré. A few funk parties, one of the most popular weekend activities for visitors and residents of the area, are starting up again but in new locations, no longer in the middle of the street due to new restrictions set by the pacification force.

Some routine events, such as forró, rock and pagode shows, for example, have continued full steam after the military occupation, meanwhile many have been  shut down with no specified return date, especially those held in the Vila do Pinheiro and Vila do João communities.

According to Colonel Fructuoso of the pacification force, organizers must ask permission for every large-scale event they want to put on. Such events will likely be denied authorization if they take place in the middle of the street as was previously the custom. This is the case with funk. Fructuoso said that permits need to be reissued on a weekly basis. Thus, the Nova Holanda baile funk party, which used to take place on Rua Teixeiro Ribeiro, returned on Saturday April 26 in the Rubenz Vaz field close to Hélio Smidt school. The Parque União baile funk returned on Friday April 25, close to the Linha Vermelha highway and also in a field, but it was shut down in the following weeks and is no longer happening.

The fact that the parties have been moved to soccer fields and out of the streets and from under people’s windows seems to have pleased the majority of the local population. “I’ve been going to these parties for years. For me, the place is perfect because it doesn’t disturb anyone’s sleep, but it’s far away for those who don’t live here,” contemplates a Nova Holanda resident, who prefers not to be identified. He defends the baile funk parties’ continuation as he considers them a tradition. “If they stop, we will lose what we had in the community. My father often went to the dances too. It’s a tradition,” he affirms.

However, funk is not loved unanimously in Maré. Some residents were relieved thinking these events were over. “If nothing changed concerning the funk parties I was going to move away from here, but the police moved in and I can now rest at home in order to go to work the next morning. Before I had to sleep in Nova Iguaçu in a relative’s house,” says a Parque União resident.

A Nova Holanda resident recounts that, at first, she was shocked when she saw the return of the funk party, even in a different location. “Yes, the funk parties are on again. The sound is a lot lower than before, although they sometimes turn the volume up during the event,” she says.

According to our findings, not all of the event organizers know about the document with the new rules (listed below). The rules will certainly be challenged and Maré de Notícias will address the issue in subsequent editions. Many people are worried about the street events, such as the June parties, another local tradition.

Pacification Force Requirements

Read the full document that imposes various rules for the holding of events in Maré. The event organizer must comply with all items and sign a waiver of responsibility.

Community Party Regulations

➢ Parties will be authorized via contact made with the area’s troop commander 15 (fifteen) days prior to the event and through event organizers signing the responsibility contract. This document should be requested from the Neighborhood Association or the Troop Commander for the area.

➢ This authorization is on condition of the non-occurrence of harassment towards the Pacification Force and could be revoked if this condition is not adhered to.

➢ Request from the Neighborhood Association and from the 22nd Military Police Battalion a document showing these institutions’ awareness of the event – “nothing to oppose” – and from the fire brigade if the event is held indoors.

➢ Those responsible for the event must be accountable and make sure there will be no drugs consumed or sold, no weapons on display, no shots, fights or disturbance before, during or after the event under penalty of having no more parties of any type in the entire community, all of which will be shut down immediately.

➢ The responsible party for the event must broadcast at least one advert through the sound system prohibiting the sale of drugs, use of weapons and disturbances during the event.

➢ The music played cannot allude to sex, drugs or weapons and the noise level should not disturb residents’ peace and quiet.

➢ Those responsible for the event must inform the community within close proximity to the event of the day and time of the party.

➢ Those responsible must ensure the venue is left in the same condition as it was found, particularly avoiding trash in the streets.

➢ It is recommended those underage be accompanied by an adult after 10pm.

➢ The Pacification Force will not do internal security for the event, which must be organized by the event organizer. There will only be an intensified patrol outside the event.

After gathering all required documentation or in case of doubt, the organizer should call 2519-5685. Any irregularity, disturbance of order, property damage, violence or other offence should be informed to the Pacification Line: 3105-9717.