Popular Committee Releases Video Responding to Mayor’s Attack

"City government must show more transparency and less marketing"

Sandra, moradora da Vila Autódromo

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The Popular Committee on the World Cup and Olympics has released a video responding to Mayor Eduardo Paes‘ claim that their dossiers are prone to “exaggerated dramatization” and are “fraudulent.” Paes’ comments were made during a closed-door OsteRio event two weeks ago after being asked about the future of Vila Autódromo and its residents. The video features members of the Committee explaining their work “because, unlike the Mayor, we have nothing to hide.” They end each repeating the statement “We have nothing to hide.”

The Popular Committee began releasing detailed dossiers documenting human rights abuses in the lead-up to Rio’s two mega-events in 2012 after it became apparent that reliable, public information was hard to come by. In the video, members of the committee describe committee participants as coming from all facets of Rio’s civil society including universities, social movements, human rights organizations and, most importantly, the people directly affected by the Olympics and the World Cup. They affirm that their work involves a number of nationally and internationally renowned researchers and experts in a collective effort.

The Committee’s video denounces the mayor’s comments stating that the information his office has published is biased, omits spending, falsifies costs, and fails to address social or environmental concerns. Members call for the public to demand better access to information and “real transparency” for matters that affect the public interest.

“The people of Vila Autódromo and the Popular Committee will continue to fight together for a just, transparent and genuinely democratic city,” says one person in the video.

Read about the Committee’s latest dossier. Access the full English-language document here.

Watch the video with English subtitles here: