Composition of Rio’s City Council 2013-2016

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The elections are over and we already know the names of those councilors who will represent the people of Rio in the City Council (the most expensive in the nation) in the forthcoming mandate.

See below the new make-up of the Council for the coming term (2013-2016). Despite some new names elected, there were few major changes. The base of pro-government supporters remained in the majority, with 39 councilors affiliated to parties supporting the re-elected Mayor Eduardo Paes (PMDB), while there are 11 councilors from opposition parties and one independent councilor.

Two of the re-elected councilors (Guaraná of the PMDB and Cristiane Brasil of the PTB) are noteworthy for having given up their positions as councilors during the last term, in order to work directly for the Mayor. If they were to do repeat this in the coming year, it would not come as a surprise, and for this reason it is important to know who will replace them. If Guaraná leaves the Council once more, current councilor João Cabral (PMDB) will replace him. And if Cristiane Brasil leaves her position, Zico (PTB) (who despite his name has nothing to do with the ex-football player) will take on her role.

Of the few surprises in this election, it is worth noting the PSOL bench, which doubled from two to four councilors, as well as the election of the ex-Mayor Cesar Maia, who despite coming third gained significantly fewer votes than expected, meaning that the DEM bench became even smaller than in the current term. Another bench that shrunk was that of the Green Party (PV), falling from three councilors to just one. Of the other candidates hoping to be elected, neither Ricardo Campos (son of Cidinha Campos) nor Junior da Lucinha (son of Deputy Lucinha) was successful. The number of blank or spoiled ballot papers totaled almost 641,000.

Whatever the outcome, and regardless of a pro-government majority, of the opposition, of the benches and of councilor X or Y, with the winds of change gathering great speed and the processes for change intensifying, the City Council needs to be overseen and carefully inspected now more than ever. And as promised, the outcome of these elections will have significant consequences (click here to find out more).

Key: (Black: Pro-government base | Orange: Opposition | Green: Independent | Asterisk*: Candidates likely to leave the Council to work for the Executive Branch (mayor)

PMDB (13 Council members)

Rosa Fernandes
Jorge Felippe
Chiquinho Brazão
Alexandre Isquierdo
Jorge Braz
Rafael Aloisio Freitas
S. Ferraz
Jorginho da SOS
Willian Coelho
Thiago K. Ribeiro
Leila do Flamengo
Prof. Uoston

PT (4 Council members)

Marcelo Arar
Elton Babu
Edson Zanata

PSOL (4 Council members)

Paulo Pinheiro
Eliomar Coelho
Renato Cinco
Jefferson Moura

DEM (3 Council members)

Cesar Maia
Tio Carlos
Carlo Caiado

PSDC (3 Council members)

Luiz Carlos Ramos
Dr. João Ricardo

PP (3 Council members)

Vera Liz
Carlos Bolsonaro
Marcelo Cid Heraclito Queiroz

PSC (2 Council members)

Dr. Carlos Eduardo

PR (2 Council members)

Veronica Costa
Márcio Garcia

PSDB (2 Council members)

Junior da Lucinha
Teresa Bergher

PDT (2 Council members)

Leonel Brizola Neto
Dr. Jorge Manaia

PRB (2 Council members)

João Mendes de Jesus
Tania Bastos

PSB (2 Council members)

Dr. Carlos Eduardo
Marcelino D´Almeida

PTB (2 Council members)

Cristiane Brasil*
Laura Carneiro

PTC (1 Council member)

Renato Moura

PSL (1 Council member)

Átila Nunes

PHS (1 Council member)

Marcelo Piui

PSD (1 Council member)

Eliseu Kessler

PTN (1 Council member)

Dr. Gilberto

PV (1 Council member)

Paulo Messina

PRTB (1 Council member)

Jimmy Pereira