5 Mayoral Candidates and 89 City Council Candidates Declare Support for Favela Sustainability

SFN Commitment Letter

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This article is part of a series of articles on Rio de Janeiro’s 2020 municipal elections from a favela perspective.

The Sustainable Favela Network (SFN)* invited candidates running for Mayor of Rio de Janeiro and for membership in Rio’s City Council to sign a letter of commitment to the sustainable development of the city’s favelas based on valuing community expertise, thus strengthening ongoing community initiatives. The letter, written by 60 members of the SFN from socio-environmental projects working in 38 favelas across Rio de Janeiro, was signed by five mayoral candidates—Benedita da Silva (PT), Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (REDE), Fred Luz (NOVO), Renata Souza (PSOL) and Suêd Haidar (PMB)—and 89 city council candidates. The letter contains 21 proposals and 82 sub-proposals regarding laws and other policies to support the sustainability and resilience of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, home to more than 22% of the city’s population.

73 of the candidates committed to all of the proposals in the letter. Another 16 candidates gave their partial commitment and indicated their level of current commitment to each proposal. The candidates who gave partial commitment took the time to respond to each of the 21 proposals and 82 sub-proposals. 87 of the signatories promised that if they were elected, they would organize a meeting to learn about and develop proposals with the Sustainable Favela Network during their first 100 days in office. Two of the candidates who signed the letter didn’t commit to holding a meeting, but both indicated they would look into the possibility.

SFN Rio de Janeiro Mayorship Candidates Debate held on Zoom

“In Rio de Janeiro, people tend to see the favela as an intrinsic problem. However, both in terms of the origin of favelas (as a solution to a lack of shelter) and in terms of their ongoing evolution (constantly responding to underinvestment through individual and collective actions) the favela is not a problem,” the commitment letter states. “The truth is that favelas are solutions factories and… they show a diverse range of sustainable urbanistic qualities. [However, favelas] have been historically neglected, their assets have not been recognized, and their residents are systematically stigmatized due to living in a territory that is seen as both informal and problematic.”

The Sustainable Favela Network is a community-based network that connects, strengthens and multiplies sustainability and resilience-building initiatives in Rio’s favelas, to realize the potential of favelas as part of a future sustainable urban world. The SFN brings together more than 150 socio-environmental projects across Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and has worked with more than 2,000 participants during its first two years. The commitment letter offers proposals linked to basic sanitation, income generation, environmental education, memory and culture, gardens and reforestation, and solar energy.

“Especially during this current moment, while we are still living through the Covid-19 pandemic, a visionary urbanism based on the knowledge and agency of favelas has become essential,” the letter states. The letter was presented to mayoral candidates during a debate promoted by the Sustainable Favela Network. “Promoting sustainable development through recognition of the high-quality work already going on in favelas will mean promoting health, quality of life, and income generation in a fair and sustainable way for the population of Rio de Janeiro. It will mean creating a city with less sewage and more education, with fewer environmental risks and more culture. It will mean guaranteeing a fairer, more inclusive, and safer city for all Rio de Janeiro residents.”

Candidates Who Pledged Their Commitment

Mayoral Candidates

Candidato/a Partido Número
Benedita da Silva PT 13
Eduardo Bandeira de Mello REDE 18
Fred Luz NOVO 30
Renata Souza PSOL 50
Suêd Haidar PMB 35

City Council Candidates

Nome de Urna Partido Número
Alex Moura da Bike PATRIOTA 51122
Amilton Barros PSB 40500
Anderson Vascurado PSDB 45445
Andre Brasil REPUBLICANOS 10121
Andréa Roseno NOVO 30019
Antonia Leite Barbosa CIDADANIA 23021
Bia Aquino AVANTE 70345
Bob Rum AVANTE 70388
Bruna Fernanda PSOL 50456
Capitã Cloroquina AVANTE 70222
Cecel Vasconcelos PODE 19747
Claudete Costa PT 13772
Cmt Wiltonsantos PTB 14046
Coletivas REDE 18777
Cynthia Vallim PSB 40040
Danusia Thomaz REPUBLICANOS 10310
Deise Franklin PSB 40723
Denise Rivera MDB 15333
Djalma Santos PL 22733
Dr Rubinho da Divinéia PT 13422
Dr. Carlos Eduardo PODE 19044
Dra Angélica Rocha Cidadania 23124
Dulce Bressane NOVO 30808
Edson Santos PT 13222
Eduardo Acosta Ambientalista PT 13611
Eduardo Coelho PT 13133
Eliana Pinheiro PATRIOTA 51100
Enfermeira Aline Cruz DC 27127
Felipe Souza PC do B 65222
Fernando Ben PTB 14014
Fernando Lyra PDT 12120
Francisco Da Silva PV 43226
Gabriel Drummond CIDADANIA 23024
Gefinho Raiz PTC 36500
Gustavo O Amigão Do Rio REDE 18555
Hans Kelsen PODE 19054
Heitor Ney Mathias da Silva PSOL 50501
J P Farelli PT 13013
Jackeline Nascimento Cidadania 23616
Jeanne Souza Lima PSOL 50188
Jô Dutra PSB 40444
João Pedro Rocha PSB 40382
Jota Marques PSOL 50050
Juliana Cruz PSB 40017
Juliana Jutkke PSOL 50515
Luciana Boiteux PSOL 50180
Luciana Gonçalves de Novaes PT 13535
Luciana Novaes PT 13535
Lucina Orozimbo DC 27513
Luis Kcal PSB 40223
Marcia Marques PSB 40888
Marcio Pequeno PODE 19711
Margareth Dallaruvera PT 13016
Maria Dos Camelôs PSOL 40014
Mazinho PATRIOTA 51386
Michel Uchiha PSB 40021
Mirian Pitta NOVO 30547
Mônica Cunha PSOL 50007
Naide Ribeiro PSOL 50056
Neuzenir Albuquerque PMB 35764
Olivia Cavalcante PDT 12935
Otavio Da Rei Dos Reis REPUBLICANOS 10014
Paulinho Sacramento PT 13823
Professor Antônio Cláudio PC do B 65432
Professor Maravalho AVANTE 70325
Professor Marcelo Viola PT 13700
Professor Marcus Menezes PSOL 50220
Professor Stephen PDT 12424
Professor Thiago DEM 25606
Rafael Simi PSOL 50746
Reimont PT 13333
Ricardo Maratona PSD 55392
Sandra Florian PC do B 65188
Sandra Rabello PT 13060
Sérgio Ricardo Verde Potiguara PSOL 50234
Silvino Pessanha Jr PSC 20077
Simone Lima PT 13694
Simone Nascimento PSOL 50987
Sólon Rubem PT 13100
Tainá De Paula PT 13777
Tatiana Negreiros PTB 14211
Tia Célia PSC 20075
Uiara PSB 40070
Vanessa Santos Enfermeira REDE 18633
Vânia Dutra PSB 40404
Veronica Moraes PDT 12011
Victor Grisard PDT 12131
Virginia Meirim PSB 40345
Wanderli Santos PRTB 28663

Read the Commitment Letter here:

Signatures are still welcome. Candidates: to add your name, click here.

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