Research Is Also ‘By Us for Us!’ Leaders and Youth From 15 Favelas Prepare to Launch ‘Water and Energy Justice in the Favelas’ Report [RELEASE]

Clique aqui para Português FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [View PDF] September 20, 2022—The same year that the Brazilian Census is being carried out, after a decade without updated official data on the country, a report emerges, […]

Created in 2012 by UFRJ Production Engineering students, ENACTUS-UFRJ currently has 40 collaborators from different undergraduate courses, professors and partners and works in four communities

Urban Heat Islands and Urban Cool Islands: ENACTUS-UFRJ Helps Favelas Fight Extreme Temperatures

Clique aqui para Português This is our latest article in a series created in partnership with the Behner Stiefel Center for Brazilian Studies at San Diego State University, to produce articles for the Digital Brazil Project on climate impacts and affirmative action in […]