We Are Bleeding Together with Democracy [OPINION]

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This article by Cleber Araujo is part of a series of opinion pieces on the impeachment by community reporters published on RioOnWatch.

In a sad moment of great global shame, Brazilian politicians far removed from the voices on the streets and the clamor of the people squabbled amongst themselves in pursuit of the vilest in personal interests. In a demonstration of egocentric and highly malevolent fury, they increasingly show that serving the people that put them there to represent us is the furthest thing from their minds.

The daily agenda of the plenary sessions never contemplates the people. From here, even from afar we see through the inflamed and well written speeches that the big goal is to strike one’s political opponent and defend one’s own interests. It is clear that the collective interest is only that of the “political coalition,” never the will and needs of the majority, who badly need and expect members of parliament to define and sign off on projects that will meet the needs of those who pay their large salaries.

People are bleeding, we were cut in the jugular and they are seeing us agonize. We are debating, needing to stop the bleeding, and they insist on continuing in an exacerbated way to fight for their most unscrupulous interests.

Over centuries and centuries Brazilian politicians fought against the people, always voting and guiding the desires of a hegemonic and elitist society. The one where the poor has always been excluded and treated last. A clear demonstration that taking the most from the majority to serve a small portion of society is what always predominates.

The most incredible thing is that for a short moment we celebrated small victories, even if timidly. These important victories were of great relevance for groups that before were totally excluded from the “standards” that govern this increasingly bigoted and fundamentalist society.

The taste of being able to travel on an airplane for the first time, the taste of going to a public university and knowing that we would earn a diploma through the sweat running down our own face, knowing we could move forward and study abroad with the Science without Borders program, the many families who have put a steak on each family member’s plate for the first time (I am here in tears right now, this happened to my family). A new horizon opened up and more communication channels emerged, making our voices heard in various media and in places we never before dreamed they could reach. It was possible to have a better television, a better refrigerator, it was possible to buy a CAR… The poor started to be seen in shopping malls, airports, harbors, restaurants, abroad, everywhere, not in service roles but as protagonists. This ENRAGED the highest “cream” of this sick, slave-holding logic-tied, elite.

After we’d attained these crumbs, they revolted and plotted a plan and a way to stop these small advances. They felt entitled to steal our RIGHTS, and struck us in a cowardly way, making us BLEED.

They forged shady schemes, fueled espionage financed by a country that feels entitled to usurp nations in favor of their interests. Our fragile and incautious foolish politicians acted as mercenaries and overthrew a legitimate government elected by the will of the people who wanted the continuation of the small victories they’ve already achieved. Even though they hadn’t obtained any proof, they deposed the openly elected and clear president, in the half-shadows of the palatial recesses, enshrining the COUP, causing our young DEMOCRACY to bleed.

Today we are living in fear and dread of the uncertainty because the looters took the reins by force. Rights are being eradicated and taken away in an explicit and cruel way. A collapse is imminent, the masses did not accept this nonsense silently and we are on the streets in crowds shouting loud and clear: LEAVE… Out with the overthrowing and thieving government. Our people will not accept the loss of any rights that have already been acquired. None will be left behind.

In summary, we are bleeding together with Democracy.

Cleber Araujo, 40, is a resident of Complexo do Alemão who showcases the favela in its many forms and moments through social media.