Military Police Break Cell Phone of Voz das Comunidades Team During Operation in Alemão


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An intense shootout in Complexo do Alemão, in the area known as Area 5, frightens residents, who reported shots since 8am this Wednesday (January 13). The police armored vehicle (caveirão) headed toward the region known as Fazendinha and the shooting continues intensely.

Video reporter Renato Moura followed the police raid until officers searched him and broke the donated iPhone X used by his community newspaper, Voz das Comunidades. They also said that “Voz das Comunidades only speaks ill of the police to gain fame.” [Voz is an internationally respected favela-based news service which recently entered into partnership with the US Embassy in Rio to combat Covid-19.]

“When I saw that the Military Police officer asked if Renato was filming, I started to hide the images that I had already recorded on my cell phone. At the same time they came at me, another police officer broke his cell phone,” said reporter Amanda Botelho. The team is on its way to the police station to report the incident.

First tweet: (@Vozdacomunidade): NOW. Police conduct a raid in Complexo do Alemão, in the area known as Area 5. Residents report gunfire since 8am Wednesday morning (Jan 13)

Second tweet: (@Vozdacomunidade): URGENT. An armored police car (Caveirao) arrives in the region known as Fazendinha. The shootout continues in Complexo do Alemao.

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