Rio de Janeiro’s Community Museums

Clique aqui para Português Rio de Janeiro is increasingly investing in its museum infrastructure, with three new world class museums launched or programed in recent years; the Rio Museum of Art opened in 2013, in […]


Don’t Let the Funk Die in Maré

Clique aqui para Português For the original by Rosilene Miliotti in Portuguese in Maré de Notícias click here. Although many cultural events are happening in Maré, not all have continued. The pacification force added new rules […]

by International Observers

The Importance of Public Spaces: A Primer

Clique aqui para Português Rival to a night spent at the Sambódromo during Rio de Janeiro’s carnival are its street parties and parades, better known as blocos. An organized yet relatively spontaneous affair, these free-of-charge […]