Canal do Anil: Resistance Amidst the Wreckage [IMAGES]

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On the morning of September 19, a City demolition crew arrived in Rio de Janeiro’s West Zone neighborhood of Canal do Anil without warning and forcefully removed 52 structures, almost all homes. Less than a week later, residents came together in a show of solidarity, highlighting their intention to challenge the threat of future demolitions and calling attention to their right to housing. Marking their homes and the wreckage where homes once stood with words of resistance, solidarity, and demands for rights, Canal do Anil’s residents “gathered to show their indignation” said Allan Silvio, Vice-President of the Residents’ Association of Canal do Anil, whose photos documenting the intervention are featured below. Their words are not only powerful reminders of the damage inflicted by the callous demolitions, but also of the struggles still to come for the community. 

Canal do Anil Resists

Two Different Realities

“In the background, Vila do Pan, and I, amidst the wreckage of a humble house.” — Allan Silvio, Vice President of the Residents Association of Canal do Anil

We want our rights, our homes

We want a home, not eviction

I raise my children here

[Mayor] Crivella, destroyer of homes

We are workers

The city destroys our homes. We want housing, not eviction.

SOS Canal do Anil

The right to housing—Yes

Here stood a home

A family lives here

Housing yes. Evictions no. Get out Crivella.

We want dignity. Get out Crivella. They destroyed dreams.

We want our rights, our homes.

We want housing, not eviction.

Get out Crivella

Home of a working family

No to evictions, yes to housing