Banning of the Acari Fair, Intangible Heritage of Rio de Janeiro Sung About in World-Famous Brazilian Songs, Harms Vendors, Favela Residents and Exposes the City’s ‘Moral Hygiene’ Policies

Clique aqui para Português The traditional Acari Fair, which for five decades brightened Sunday mornings around the Acari/Fazenda Botafogo metro station, was abruptly closed on January 22 by Mayor Eduardo Paes, who shared on his […]


Brazilian Favelas Hold US$27.7 Billion in Purchasing Power

Clique aqui para Português For the original article in Portuguese by Bruno Villas Bôas published by Valor Econômico click here. Residents of Brazilian favelas have a combined purchasing power of R$119.8 billion (US$27.7 billion) per […]