Horto Article. Original Art by Natalia S. Flores

The Horto Community and the Fight for an Ancestral Territory in the Context of Environmental Racism

Clique aqui para Português This article describes the implicit racism reflected in the constant threats of eviction of the bicentennial Horto community, and is part of a series created in partnership with the Behner Stiefel […]

"The boy couldn't believe he was going to eat," — Anna Paula Sales of A.M.I.G.A.S.

The Pandemic of Hunger in Rio’s Favelas: A Struggle Between Grief and Empty Stomachs [VIDEO]

Clique aqui para Português This is our latest article about Covid-19 and its impacts on the favelas. Favela grassroots movements launch an international campaign and attempt to stave off hunger amidst abandonment by public authorities. Ten […]