Thamyres’ Maturity

Clique aqui para Português A portrait of Thamyres Gonçalves, written by Saulo Araujo, both of whom are participants in the RioOnWatch project being trained in CatComm‘s community journalism course. A student in a local teaching school and aspiring […]

Houses on Morro Santa Marta over buildings in Botafogo

Way Beyond the UPP

Clique aqui para Português Here we are more than two years on from the implementation of the UPP (Police Pacification Unit) in Santa Marta, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone. What has improved? Here I […]

Policial da UPP observa o Morro dos Cabritos

The UPPs in Needy Communities

Rio de Janeiro’s poor communities are experiencing a social transformation that, in my view, appears to be good if accompanied by other socioeconomic initiatives. Well, it’s not enough to fight violence and organized crime using […]


Rocinha, Rain and Removals

Clique aqui para Português The rains that fell upon Rio de Janeiro demonstrated a reality brought to the surface by a storm. Thousands of people had their homes buried, lost their relatives, and because of […]